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Works in all message apps? Facebook or instagram?

All the emoji art and services works in the main message apps like imessage, whatsapp and in social media platforms like Facebook or instagram. The use will depend on the emoji service you choose. The emoji art will be just emoji illustrations on your phone gallery and you will send and post them like any other picture. It happens the same with the sticker option, but it will work on imessage without leaving the app.

If you choose the full emoji keyboard, you can use that keyboard in all platforms, send them through the app or save them to your phone gallery.


Can i use the emoji art on the phone?

Yes, you can. Emojis are images that express a particular emotion, so you can save them in your phone gallery and send / post on social media -like facebook comments- as any other image.

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How long does it take to have my own pet emoji?

It depends on the emoji product.  We just start the concept of your pet emoji and we do it carefully. The emoji must comply all the style and particular things of your pet but also it must be a real emoji that express a shareable emotion. A simple emoji art usually takes around 7-9 days. A emoji pack around 15. The Emoji sticker app needs basic development and set the App Store presence, so it usually takes 30 days. If you have chosen the Emoji Keyboard app, your app will be published in the App Store & Google Play in 60 days. 

Can I text with my pet emoji?

You must! Joking apart, you can use your pet emoji in any message. Depending on the

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