Facebook post and comments are one of the best places to use your pet emoji. They included tons of stickers and emoji galleries for a long time, allowing users to write comments with photos and images.

Let’s check the most common cases:

From a Emoji Keyboard

If you have an emoji keyboard developed by DoggyMojis, your pet emojis are integrated with the keyboard, so you only need to open the your pet emoji keyboard and tap any emoji to comment the post. It even works for comments.

From your phone gallery

If you have not the keyboard app, don’t worry, you still can comment posts with your pet. For that, tap the camera icon on the facebook comment blank , it will open your phone gallery. Now you only need to select your pet emoji to post it. This is not so fast as the Emoji Keyboard but you don’t need the app development and the result is the same: your pet invading the facebook comments. You can order you pet emoji here