In a world where emojis are the favorite communication tool, custom emojis are the super trend. We love being creative in the convos and answer a message with a unique emoji. WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app with millions of users, knows that and has introduced stickers into their app encouraging tons of developers to bundle new sticker packs through third-party iOS or Android apps.

pet emoji whatsapp

Although there are tons of cute pet stickers for any situation, there is something much better: sending your own pet. Because your pet is unique and you know that well. Let’s turn him into a emoji and making the messages epic!
Follow the steps below to import and use your custom stickers on WhatsApp

Steps to use your pet emojis on WhatsApp

1. Create your pet emojis.

  • You can order yours here We’ll illustrate your pet following your exact specifications and under the WhatsApp requirements: 
  • Each sticker is an image that has a transparent background.
  • Stickers must be exactly 512×512 pixels.
  • Each sticker must be less than 100 KB.

In case you order the Emoji App, it will include the WhatsApp Stickers features and the emojis in your keyboard. If you are a great artist and you want to make your pet emojis by yourself, no probs! Just go to the step 2 and keep in mind the WhatsApp requirements.

2. Get a sticker app

Once you have your pet emojis that are eligible for WhatsApp stickers, save them in your phone gallery. Now you need a third party app in order to import them as stickers into WhatsApp.

There are tons available for free that follow a similar pattern. Some samples: Android: Download and install the latest version of Personal Stickers for WhatsApp, iOS :Download and install Sticker Maker from the App Store.  

3. Upload the emojis

Follow the instructions of the app you just downloaded. Usually you would upload the emojis from your Photo Library and select the emojis or stickers that you want to include in your sticker pack and, provide a name for it. After that there should be an option to import the pack to WhatsApp

4. Import to WhatsApp

Once the import is complete, you should find the newly added sticker packs in WhatsApp. In WhatsApp, open a chat, tap on the emoji icon in the bottom-left corner and select the Sticker tab. The newly imported stickers should be available for sending. Just tap on a particular sticker to send it to the chat. The selected sticker will be sent to the chosen contact or group.

  1. Open any individual chat or group.
  2. Next to the text input field, tap Emoji > Stickers.


Emojis can’t be integrated in a new keyboard without new development. If you are interested, you can check our keyboard app services here The apps shown on this article are not related to DoggyMojis and Pet Friends and we can’t assure it’s functionality, safety or privacy,

All the additional WhatsApp stickers added externally are stored locally on your phone and aren’t currently backed up on WhatsApp servers. If you log in to WhatsApp on a different device, you’ll lose access to all custom stickers.

Moreover, even if you just move the original sticker files out of the Download directory and place them in any other location, you’ll still lose access to those custom stickers.


The same sticker packs that you created for WhatsApp, can usually also be used in the Messages app. Just open an iMessage chat on your iPhone and scroll through the available iMessage apps, till you find one of the third-party sticker apps that you’ve installed. When you click on the same, the stickers or packs that you create using the particular app should also be available here.

So now you can create send custom stickers from both Android and iPhone. Let us know in the comments what sticker apps you enjoy using the most.