We know it. Permissions can be a pain in the *ss. But it’s something good. It prevents and give us information about what the app does in our phone. The only problem is that permissions are common for all kind of apps being the same permission a call from facebook messenger than the sharing feature from a simple emoji app.

Let’s check the main permissions on emoji apps and why are they needed.

Full Access Keyboard

This requirement is a must when you want to install the keyboard in your phone. It will appears a default pop up for all kind of third party keyboards. We take our users privacy very seriously and allowing full access does NOT give us access to any of your other keyboards, only to this Emoji keyboard. CollieMoji or ParkerMoji will NEVER collect any personal information or transmit anything you type over any network. Basically because we are not a text keyboard and it’s not connected to the internet. You can use it offline. But more important: CollieMoji, CrusoeMoji and ParkerMoji only has images to copy and paste. Also, you can always use the iMessage app if you’re concerned as it doesn’t require full access, share from the app or download all the images to your phone gallery and use them anytime.

Access to your camera / photos / gallery

Why an emoji app needs to access to your photos? That’s scary because as the full permission request, is the same and default message for any app. Our emoji apps needs that permission JUST to save the emojis in your gallery phone. That’s all. We can’t see any of your photos and definitely it’s impossible for us to access to your camera.

Access to your contacts for calls

At this point, you are aware how scary are all of those default pop ups. As it happened with the camera, our emoji apps need that permission only related to the emojis sharing. On this occasion, it’s only to share the emojis with your friends. The only thing we do is the ability to let you the sharing feature inside the app, after tap the emoji to send to any of your contacts through the app. We can’t see any of your personal data. You can not accept the permission and use the emojis if you download to your gallery.