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We use emojis in all our convos. Now you can use FreddieMojis to express any emotion. High quality and handmade created by profesional artists and curated by Freddie.

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Never get bored with the FreddieMojis app. New emojis added each month and exclusive Freddie Mercury content each week. Tested by Freddie! 

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Freddie's Style

Love, Passion, kind and tons of  Freddie inspirations including some chihuahua-themed scenarios!

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FreddieMojis includes tutorials on how to use the emojis on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp

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Integrated with GBoard & WhatsApp Stickers. No need to install any Keyboard. No more Copy & Paste.

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See exclusive content and photos uploaded by Freddie. Only for super fans!

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Text using a custom Keyboard with comic fonts and FreddieMojis. Switch anytime with your actual Keyboard.

Photo Editor

Enjoy the FreddieMojis Photo lab! Add Freddie Mercury Stickers to your pics, draw & text, cool effects, filters…

Developed by DoggyMojis & Pet friends

FreddieMojis Concept, art and development was made with ♥ by DoggyMojis. DoggyMojis & Pet friends is an award-winning app company specializing in custom pet emojis.

Freddie Mercury

FreddieMojis is the #1 Pet Chihuahua Emoji Dog App thanks to Freddie, now an adorable pet emoji.


I’m Freddie Mercury the dog and although I may be small my motivation to bring joy to this world is larger than life. I had a rough start in the beginning of my puppy hood and I have life long physical challenges as a result but I’ve left all of that behind me and show people every day that our physical abilities don’t define us.


I’m just over a year old now and thriving. My favorite hobbies include inspiring others, cuddling my mom, eating food and dreaming of rainbows. I also hope to bring more awareness to showing the world that adopting a special needs animal, although a lot of work, is so rewarding and worth it.


We deserve our second chance at a better life.


Freddie's Website

Your own Pet Emoji Cartoon

Do you want a similar emojis as FreddieMojis for your dog? Now you can turn your pet into a emoji and share it everywhere! We only do hand-made work following your exact specifications. Here are some samples: