CrusoeMoji, the celebrity dachshund turned into and adorable wiener Emoji & Stickers

Happy Crusoe emoji christmas UPDATE!

LAST UPDATE July 2020 – Get all these amazin features

New emojis – Daphne’s eMoji Pack

Crusoe Emojis

We use emojis in all our convos. Now you can use Crusoe to express any emotion. High quality and handmade curated by profesional artists and Crusoe.

Regular Updates

Never get boring. We’ll never stop to include new CrusoeMojis on the app. Including new features and a complete app support.

Rock on Social Media

No need to install. Use them everywhere. Compatible with all devices and all messaging and social networks apps. You’ll just worry about what Crusoe text in the message.

What will you find on CrusoeMoji

Crusoe Style

Smile, laugh, happy, tons of Crusoe costumes and his bro Oakley… emojis for all

Integrated on Gboard

No need to install the Cru Keyboard. Send the Crusoe Stickers directly on WhatsApp!

Super easy to use

Including tutorials about how to use the emojis on Facebook or install the Keyboard


Text using a custom Keyboard with fancy fonts and Crusoe Emojis

Photo Editor

Enjoy the Cru Photo lab! Add Cru Stickers to your pics, draw & text, cool effects, filters…

Exclusive Features

WhatsApp Stickers, Instagram stories, share from the app, download in your gallery, ask Crusoe anything…

Developed by DoggyMojis & Pet friends

Concept, art and development was made with ♥ by DoggyMojis. DoggyMojis is an app company specialized in pet custom emojis, reaching multiple features and Top App Charts.

Crusoe, the celebrity dachshund

Crusoe is a miniature dachshund with an eccentric, whimsical, and larger-than-life personality who travels and experiences the world from his own unique and comical perspective. He is best known for his wacky videos often featuring his unique homemade outfits which together have topped over 1.1 billion views, many of which reaching 30+ million views individually. Not only a movie star, Crusoe is also the author of his own award-winning blog and New York Times Bestselling book. Crusoe was also the recipient of the 2017 Shorty Award for ‘Best Animal Influencer’. Now you can text Crusoe as an extraordinary sausagemoji!
crusoemoji wiener logo emoji

Crusoe Web

Your own Dog Emoji Cartoon

Turn your dog into a emoji and share it everywhere. We make the typical posture or face of your dog. These are some samples.